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Alvin Tam: Igorot Sensation Knocks Out Mexican Opponent in 4th Round Showdown in Canada

From the Cordilleras to Canada, Alvin Tam, the Igorot boxing sensation, delivers a thrilling 4th-round knockout against Rutlio Romero.

In the heart of Canada, Alvin Tam, a proud Igorot professional boxer and son of the legendary Rey Tam, recently marked a significant victory against Mexican Rutlio Romero. This triumphant moment unfolded in the fourth round of the Dekada Contender Card, hosted at the prestigious Deerfoot Inn & Casino in Calgary.

A Journey of Determination and Dedication

Alvin Tam's story is one of resilience and determination. In 2015, he made the pivotal decision to move to Canada, a move that would later define his boxing career. Upon arrival, he wasted no time, immediately immersing himself in the Canadian boxing scene. Finding a gym, he embarked on a rigorous training regimen, highlighting the importance of discipline and dedication in the pursuit of excellence.

Community Support: The Driving Force

Tam's success is not a solo endeavor. The unwavering support of the Filipino community in Canada has been a driving force behind his achievements. The sense of community and encouragement from fellow Filipinos has provided Tam with the motivation needed to excel in a foreign land, emphasizing the significance of a strong support network in an athlete's journey.

Team Bowmont Boxing Club: A Winning Collaboration

Behind every successful athlete is a dedicated team, and Alvin Tam is no exception. His affiliation with Bowmont Boxing Club showcases the collaborative effort that goes into shaping a champion. A skilled coaching team and a supportive training environment are integral components of Tam's success, reinforcing the notion that boxing is not just an individual sport but a collective effort.

Exciting Style: Echoes of Mexican Legends

Dekada, the event organizers, describe Tam's boxing style as exciting and reminiscent of legendary Mexican fighters like Barrera and Marquez. This comparison adds a unique flavor to Tam's approach, suggesting a thrilling and captivating style that resonates with the essence of the sport.

The Legacy of Rey Tam

Notably, Alvin Tam carries on the legacy of his father, Rey Tam, regarded as the best boxer to ever emerge from the Cordilleras. This familial connection adds depth to Alvin's journey, showcasing a lineage of boxing excellence.


In conclusion, Alvin Tam's journey from the Philippines to Canada, coupled with his familial boxing legacy, culminated in a spectacular victory, marking his ascent in the world of professional boxing. His story exemplifies the synergy of personal dedication, community support, and effective team collaboration. As Tam continues to make his mark, his triumph serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, showcasing the rewards that come with unwavering commitment and a strong support system.

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