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70-Year-Old French Tourist Thanks Barlig Community for His Successful Rescue

Francioly Jacques, 70-year-old French tourist, expresses gratitude to Barlig community for their pivotal role in his successful rescue.

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Francioly Jacques, a 70-year-old French tourist, conveys sincere appreciation to the Barlig community for their crucial role in orchestrating his successful rescue operation.

In a notable display of community spirit, the Barlig Municipal Police Station (MPS), led by PLT CLARITA U CHONCHONEN, DECOP, joined forces with the Barlig Local Government Unit (LGU) during the recent French-Barlig Community Friendship celebration and thanksgiving party on January 4, 2024.

A Celebration of Gratitude and International Collaboration

The event, hosted at the Municipal function hall in Gawana, Barlig, Mt. Province, was initiated by Mr. Francioly Jacques, a French tourist whose life was saved by the diligent efforts of Barlig authorities and the local community. The celebration aimed to express gratitude for the successful search and rescue operation that took place on January 20, 2020, when Mr. Jacques, a 70-year-old French national, went missing in the forested area of Barlig.

Through the combined efforts of the local government, headed by Mayor Clark Ngaya, and the police force, Mr. Jacques was found alive in a ravine at Sitio Sikling, Brgy Latang, Barlig, Mt. Province. This triumphant rescue not only reflects the efficacy of their collaborative efforts but also underscores the town's commitment to the safety of its residents and visitors.

Fostering Partnerships for Community Development

Beyond the expressions of gratitude, the thanksgiving activity symbolizes the town's willingness to build partnerships with the international community. Mr. Jacques' rescue becomes a catalyst for strengthening ties and fostering collaboration, potentially enhancing access to community development initiatives.

The joint celebration serves as a testament to the resilience and unity of Barlig in the face of challenges. It highlights the positive outcomes that can arise when communities, local authorities, and law enforcement agencies work hand in hand for the greater good.

A Reminder for Responsible Tourism

While celebrating the successful rescue, the Barlig Police took the opportunity to remind all tourists visiting the town to adhere strictly to rules and policies for their safety. This proactive stance emphasizes the importance of responsible tourism, ensuring that visitors contribute to the harmonious and secure environment of Barlig.


In conclusion, the French-Barlig Community Friendship celebration not only marks a significant moment of gratitude for a successful rescue operation but also showcases the resilience and unity of Barlig. The collaboration between the MPS, LGU, and the international community sets a positive precedent for future partnerships, emphasizing the town's commitment to safety and community development. As Barlig continues to thrive, events like these serve as a beacon of inspiration for other communities, highlighting the transformative power of collaboration and gratitude.

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