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Igorot MMA fighter tops Special Forces Candidate Soldier Course

Proud Igorot and MMA fighter Troy Bantiag from Kalinga is the TOP 1 of the Special Forces School Candidate Soldier Course "MAKADASIG" Class 715-2021.

Proud Igorot and MMA fighter Troy Bantiag from Kalinga is the TOP 1 of the Special Forces School Candidate Soldier Course "MAKADASIG" Class 715-2021.

Private Troy O. Bantiag, a proud Igorot from Tinglayan, Kalinga, is the TOP 1 of the Special Forces School (SFS) Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) "MAKADASIG" Class 715-2021.

Proud Igorot and MMA fighter Troy Bantiag from Kalinga is the TOP 1 of the Special Forces School Candidate Soldier Course "MAKADASIG" Class 715-2021.

The "MAKADASIG" class which stands for "Mandirigmang may Kagitingan, Dangal at Sigasig" is composed of 144 candidates coming from different walks of life. Once completed the course, they become an enlisted soldier of the Philippine Army and will function as one of the backbones of the Major Army Units nationwide.

"Sa class po namin, mayroong nurse, teacher, filmmaker, mayroon pa ngang member ng National Boxing Team at National Football team. Special enlist din po ako at sa Fort Bonifacio po ako mapupunta pero habambuhay ko pong aalalahanin ang experiences ko rito," said Bantiag.

Troy "THE HUNTER" Bantiag, a Mixed Martial Artist who trained with Team Lakay - one of the most decorated MMA Gym in Asia, topped the class after hurdling 13 weeks of rigorous training at SFS in Fort Ramon Magsaysay Military Reservation in Nueva Ecija.

Troy "THE HUNTER" Bantiag, a member of the famed Team Lakay MMA gym.

When asked how he was able to top his class, he explained that the training consisted of both intellectual and non-academic components and that his strategy for getting to the top was to balance his academic and physical scores.

"Kailangan talaga para maging Top 1 is balance, means dapat may utak din at lakas ng pangangatawan," said Bantiag.

He said that he is very proud to have joined the training at Fort Magsaysay because the instructors are competent. He confirmed that joining the Philippine Army would be the best avenue for him to serve his country and defend the Filipino people from external and internal threats.

Bantiag will be assigned to the Headquarters of the Philippine Army in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

A total of 144 individuals turn into soldiers, as the Special Forces School (SFS) concludes Candidate Soldier Course (CSC) "MAKADASIG" Class 715-2021 in a formal ceremony held at the grounds of Special Forces Regiment (SFRA) in Fort Ramon Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija on May 17, 2022.

Credit: Ruth Cupang

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