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"Modern Igorots", A New Song Released By IgoroTube Studio

Modern Igorots Official Music Video is Now Released and Aim To Compete with Other Filipino Pop Music Video Despite of It's lock of Professional Help

MJ Aliping - Modern Igorots

Despite the lack of professional assistance, the official music video for Modern Igorots has now been launched and aims to compete with other Filipino pop music videos.

Young people's favorite form of entertainment is now music. It is as a result of this that the firm "IgoroTube Studio (A Software and Entertainment Company)" is working on a song that will help young people remember their Cordilleran heritage and feel proud of being Cordilleran.

IgoroTube Studio still manages to generate hit music despite its lock of collaboration with specialists. The music production has a total budget of $1000, or 50,000 Pesos. IgoroTube Studio has personally contributed to this project. The official music video is available to view on Facebook, YouTube and IgoroTube Live App (Available on Play store).

American Host React To The Music Video.

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