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Wed at 03:03am
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Soon to be laid out in public right before our eyes and tip of our fingers, Click here for the test link

Photos attached here are for our future and trademark/logo which are currently under developmental process and will soon be official, it will soon be advertised, and ready to hit Domestic, International and Global Marketing.

I am looking for Three Talented Individuals to partner up with and ideas or concepts and to have round table discussions then move forward to finish an express service website for our Veterans around world. This project is not a publicity stunt. its ultimate objective is to serve back to the Disabled Community. It's basically an open opportunity and absolutely a Legitimate platform attempting to encourage individuals to become a successful business entrepreneur and that someday may become successful with immense potential impact to become the next Large Business Market to provide opportunities to many under achievers and to become successful professionals in the future

pick up your phone and dial the number below or send-your message to Thank you!

Very Respectfully,
Raul A. Santos- USN & DOD RET. VFW Chap.21670
Founder and CEO of VTF, LLC
001-808-445-1661 or email me, or

Titles Earned:

US Navy Logistics Supply Management - 21

USCG- Senior Field Contracting Officer (SFCO) - 5
USCG-GPC and Billing Officer, Coordinator, -5 Administrator and Program Manager
US Army-Contracting Officer (K.O)
US Army-Acquisitions Chief
US Army-Procurement Analyst -5
US Army/Acquisitions Support Analyst
US Army-Supply Management Chain Expert
US Department of Defense-Acquisitions Officer
US Department of Defense-Contract Manager and Administrator
USDOD -Contracts Award Officer
US Army- 21st TSC -OCS and DMC Theater Contracts Support

SLU- Undergraduate, below average Student; kicked out with no mercy due to misbehavior incident regarding firecracker issue at Diego Silang building, this took place under the Leadership of the late Dean Garoy

BCF/UC-Undergraduate, Poor in in Academics; two subjects shy of earning A Degree in Accounting:

Former Standby in Plaza Baguio and broke dead, does baggage / Convoying in the City Market of Baguio-Managed to carry fifty kilos of commodities from point A to point B for almost a decade

Graduate at IERF University, Culver, CA In General Business and Administration

-American Council of Education (ACE)/ Military 21 years Career Education and training

-University of La Verne- minor in Italian Language

-University of Alaska- Southeast Ketchikan- Business Management and administration

-Management Concepts Institute graduate- Project Management Performance and Execution
-Defense Acquisitions University
-Federal Acquisition University

Certified and warranted /Contracting Officer

- PACRIM UNIVERSITY-currently pursuing Master's Degree in Theology

Sincerely Yours,
Raul and Irene