There are a lot of Igorot people that posses supernatural abilities. In Mountain Province and it's nearby towns, there are these people we call "mensip-ok". These are ordinary people with paranormal abilities.

Basically, they're people who are claimed to have the capacity to utilize their third eyes. Therefore, they can see and speak to "anitos". In the Igorot context, "anitos" are the soul-spirit of our dead ancestors, or spirits of animals or nature (rivers, lakes, wells, etc.). This is actually confusing.

Not to confuse them with physical healers. Mensip-oks are more of the spiritual-type of healers. They are like the medium between the spiritual dimension and the dimension where we are in right now. Confused? I am. Have you watched the movie "Insidious"? The old blonde lady named "Elise" could be a good example, that is, if you watched the movie.

To better understand this, let me tell you some stories.

// Bread and Sugar

Little Juan was not feeling well one afternoon so his loving parents, so worried, decided to take him to a pediatrician for a check-up. The pediatrician said Juan is just having a fever and it'll be off within 1 or 2 days with enough rest and the right medicine.

After 2 days of rest and proper medication, sadly, poor Juan's fever isn't going away.

Juan's father, who happens to be an Igorot, who doesn't believe in "anitos", remembered an article he read from Igorotage about "mensip-ok", which he finds silly.

He then decided to ask his friends if they know any "mensip-ok" around. Luckily, his friends knew someone and is just a walking distance away.

Juan's father, against his beliefs, then visited this mensip-ok. He watched this mensip-ok murmur silently, as if the mensip-ok is talking to someone. The mensip-ok, while continuously yawning, told Juan's father that a deceased relative of them visited their house and expresses his joy to the kid.

The mensip-ok continued, while yawning, that Juan's parent should prepare a plate with food and cup of water, place it somewhere, and invite the visitor to eat, drink, and tell them to go on and continue his/her journey.

Juan's father hasn't spoken a single word from the moment he entered the house of this mensip-ok, still shocked, he brings out his wallet and took out a one thousand peso bill and tried to give it to the mensip-ok. The mensip-ok refused.

Because Juan's father didn't read the full article from Igorotage, he didn't know that these mensip-ok don't accept cash payments, in fact you don't have to give them anything. But two packs of bread or two kilograms of sugar as a way of showing gratitude will be accepted. It is believed that when they accept cash payments, or use their gift in a selfish manner, it'll be taken away from them.

Juan's father went home straight that day and followed the mensip-ok's instructions. The next morning, Juan woke up his parents asking them if they could buy him a new toy car.

// end of Bread and Sugar

(?) How about some personal experiences?

When I was younger and my siblings are getting sick, my father usually take me with him to visit this mensip-ok. Sometimes, the reason why they (mostly kids) get sick is the story above and sometimes it's just because of a tooth growing (a mensip-ok can tell this too).

There are also times when a kid visited a place for the first time and when they return home, they get sick. The mensip-ok will tell you that they left their "ab-abi-it" (spirit?) in that place. Or going back to the "Insidious" example above, theoretically, they could go back there via "astral projection" (haha). There's a specific ritual-cure for this.

** More on my next post.

// Wrapping up

This post is not here to challenge your beliefs or anything like that. It's just here to "showcase" the real foundation of the Igorot culture or just another additional knowledge we can pick-up. (I hope so)

Don't confuse a "mensip-ok" with a "menbuyon", "mentala", or "menkedet". Although some people can have more than one ability, let's first try to identify them one by one.

I think it's important to know that there are also "mensip-ok" in other places, just different names. It would be awesome if you could also share, and if you do, please avoid names or citing places.

The "Bread and Sugar" is just a made-up story to better understand the topic.
I would appreciate some feedback or corrections.

What do you think about these "mensip-ok"? Do you think they're real? Did you have experiences?

I've already reached the 5000 character limit so it has to stop here, I'll split the post in half. Honestly, I'm having some trouble writing a sentence after writing thousand lines of code, and yes, programming has languages too, so please forgive the bad English. hehe

Photo is a representation of a "mensip-ok" by an Igorot solar artist (Jordan Mang-osan).

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