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Top 69 Igorot Last Names in the Cordillera

Discover the Top 69 Igorot Last Names in the Cordillera Administrative Region Unveiling origins, meanings, and cultural significance.

Dive into the cultural tapestry of the Cordillera Administrative Region through the Top 69 Igorot last names. Discover origins, meanings, and more.

Welcome to our journey through the Cordillera Administrative Region's rich Igorot heritage. In this article, we'll delve into the Top 69 Igorot Last Names and unravel their profound cultural importance.

Igorot last names are not mere labels; they are guardians of tradition. They link generations and safeguard the cultural identity of the Cordillera Administrative Region. These surnames are threads woven into the tapestry of Igorot culture, preserving the stories of ancestors and the essence of their existence.

In the pages that follow, you'll find a table showcasing the Top 69 Igorot Last Names, each with its unique meaning, origin, and cultural significance. We'll explore common themes and patterns among these names, providing insights into the Igorot way of life.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we uncover the meanings, origins, and stories behind these names that have shaped the Igorot culture for generations. Together, we'll gain a deeper appreciation of the cultural heritage that these last names represent.

Top 69 Igorot Last Names in the Cordillera

Rank Rank in Cordillera Surname Incidence Frequency Percent of Parent Rank in Philippines
1 3 Dulnuan 5,373 1:318 55.59 1,001
2 26 Tayaban 2,441 1:701 58.12 3,194
3 57 Tuguinay 1,408 1:1,214 63.97 7,417
4 58 Binwag 1,391 1:1,229 63.37 7,436
5 74 Pinkihan 1,243 1:1,376 68.56 9,340
6 85 Cayat 1,144 1:1,495 61.37 9,034
7 87 Gano 1,127 1:1,517 42.80 5,960
8 97 Pugong 1,065 1:1,606 47.54 7,271
9 98 Sab-It 1,060 1:1,613 91.77 15,236
10 101 Ananayo 1,040 1:1,644 50.36 8,027
11 104 Liwan 1,020 1:1,676 58.96 9,844
12 110 Dinamling 977 1:1,750 57.67 10,061
13 113 Bastian 964 1:1,774 36.72 5,980
14 114 Bandao 960 1:1,781 40.87 6,879
15 115 Kimayong 951 1:1,798 63.91 11,654
16 118 Banatao 937 1:1,825 42.36 7,377
17 120 Alunday 927 1:1,845 62.59 11,726
18 123 Bay-An 912 1:1,875 64.77 12,399
19 125 Puguon 909 1:1,881 53.22 9,982
20 126 Dulawan 907 1:1,885 57.22 10,858
21 131 Biscarra 887 1:1,928 56.03 10,867
22 145 Cabbigat 824 1:2,075 62.33 13,242
23 146 Awingan 820 1:2,085 69.37 14,883
24 149 Kimmayong 809 1:2,114 57.62 12,432
25 156 Lawagan 792 1:2,159 72.07 16,030
26 166 Lamsis 746 1:2,292 47.88 11,072
27 170 Baguilat 733 1:2,333 63.63 15,292
28 170 Palangdao 733 1:2,333 86.34 20,556
29 174 Bugnay 730 1:2,342 65.59 15,839
30 185 Dumangeng 712 1:2,402 63.57 15,738
31 188 Hangdaan 704 1:2,429 58.09 14,470
32 190 Ciano 703 1:2,432 32.65 7,609
33 191 Latawan 700 1:2,443 38.98 9,448
34 192 Pumihic 693 1:2,467 43.83 10,881
35 193 Balneg 691 1:2,475 36.66 8,912
36 193 Bayangan 691 1:2,475 48.22 12,144
37 197 Binay-An 680 1:2,515 52.55 13,536
38 200 Tagura 676 1:2,529 48.11 12,420
39 202 Abance 672 1:2,545 78.05 20,284
40 209 Laoyan 664 1:2,575 64.28 17,082
41 210 Tacio 662 1:2,583 54.26 14,358
42 211 Bersalona 659 1:2,595 55.42 14,783
43 211 Tamo 659 1:2,595 41.29 10,765
44 215 Wakit 652 1:2,623 62.15 16,820
45 217 Belingon 651 1:2,627 60.78 16,448
46 218 Dalingay 646 1:2,647 68.43 18,644
47 225 Wakat 637 1:2,684 74.85 20,508
48 236 Fianza 620 1:2,758 83.78 23,150
49 238 Menzi 618 1:2,767 85.48 23,615
50 242 Lunag 614 1:2,785 41.26 11,654
51 249 Tubban 604 1:2,831 57.36 16,750
52 249 Waclin 604 1:2,831 70.64 20,414
53 258 Alindayo 590 1:2,898 53.88 16,083
54 259 Baggas 588 1:2,908 92.74 26,308
55 260 Talingdan 587 1:2,913 45.43 13,561
56 266 Laruan 577 1:2,963 48.00 14,596
57 267 Lingbawan 573 1:2,984 87.21 25,585
58 273 Dulagan 561 1:3,048 88.91 26,428
59 275 Baggay 558 1:3,064 34.88 10,733
60 275 Bakidan 558 1:3,064 95.71 28,137
61 277 Wanawan 556 1:3,075 87.84 26,341
62 279 Balajo 555 1:3,081 61.80 19,494
63 281 Borreta 554 1:3,087 46.01 14,564
64 283 Sacla 552 1:3,098 76.14 23,563
65 293 Pagnas 532 1:3,214 70.74 22,823
66 295 Diwayan 528 1:3,239 85.30 26,849
67 296 Calingayan 527 1:3,245 52.02 17,438
68 303 Mangili 523 1:3,269 58.44 19,558
69 303 Taynan 523 1:3,269 58.44 19,558

Common Themes and Patterns in Igorot Last Names

Exploring the Top 69 Igorot Last Names reveals fascinating insights into the tapestry of Igorot culture. These names are not just strings of letters; they are repositories of tradition, nature, and identity.

Nature and Environment

Nature plays a significant role in Igorot last names. Many of these surnames draw inspiration from the breathtaking natural surroundings of the Cordillera Administrative Region. Mountains, rivers, forests, and the diverse flora and fauna find echoes in these names. For instance, names like "Danum" signify water, celebrating the deep connection between the Igorot people and their environment.

Ancestral Tribes

Igorot communities are diverse, each with its distinct identity. Some last names serve as markers, linking individuals to their ancestral tribes or specific ethnic groups within the Igorot community. These names are a testament to the rich heritage and the enduring memory of ancient lineages.

Professions and Skills

Many Igorot last names pay homage to the community's dedication to hard work and craftsmanship. These names are tied to traditional Igorot professions and skills like farming, weaving, blacksmithing, and carpentry. They reflect the pride and excellence of those who have mastered these crafts over generations.

Religious and Spiritual Significance

Spirituality is deeply woven into the fabric of Igorot culture. Some last names carry religious connotations or allude to spiritual beliefs and practices. These names not only express faith but also connect individuals to their spiritual journey within the community.

Geographical Locations

Igorot people share a profound bond with their land. It's no surprise that some last names reflect specific geographical locations. These names are a testament to the enduring relationship between individuals and the places they call home.

Suffixes in Igorot Last Names

In addition to these themes, Igorot last names may feature suffixes like "-an," "-ong," "-eng," and "-ing," each with its unique meaning, adding depth to the names and providing clues about a family's history, roots, and affiliations within the Igorot culture.

Historical Evolution of Igorot Naming Customs

Understanding the historical evolution of Igorot naming customs provides valuable context for the preservation of Igorot last names today. Unlike their lowland counterparts, Igorots living in the Cordillera Central in northern Luzon were not conquered by the Spaniards and preserved their naming customs from foreign influence.

Traditional Naming Customs

Traditionally, each Igorot group had its own naming customs, where there was only one given name and no surname to speak of. These given names often held meanings connected to natural phenomena or objects, such as "danum" for water. Only Igorots who had interactions with Spaniards and lowlanders for trade adopted the binomial "first name"-"surname" system, exemplified by names like "Mateo CariƱo" and "Mateo Carantes."

With the advent of the 20th century and the American occupation of the Philippines, the Igorots' naming customs gradually conformed to the national legal naming system used today. This transformation was aided by the evangelization efforts of American Protestant missionaries. Despite these changes, the practice of holding onto singular given names bestowed upon them by their parents has left a lasting legacy among the Igorot community.

Safeguarding Igorot Heritage Through Family Traditions

In the Igorot culture, the preservation of last names primarily occurs through family traditions, particularly within the context of marriage. When individuals with different last names marry, their offspring typically inherit one of the parents' last names, ensuring the continuation of both family lines. This practice is a cornerstone of Igorot heritage and is deeply ingrained in the community's social fabric.

Moreover, Igorot families have a unique way of honoring their ancestors and maintaining their last names. Children are often given nicknames that incorporate the names of their forebears, particularly those ancestors who used only one name. These nicknames serve as a living tribute to the family's heritage and ensure that the names of these ancestors remain an integral part of daily life.

Family gatherings, where stories of ancestors and the meanings behind last names are shared, also play a pivotal role in passing down this unique cultural heritage. Elders within the community take on the responsibility of educating younger generations about the significance of their last names, connecting them to their roots and instilling a sense of pride in their heritage.

While there may not be formal initiatives solely focused on preserving Igorot last names, the community's commitment to these traditions ensures their endurance. Through the bonds of marriage, family gatherings, and the practice of giving children nicknames that honor their ancestors, Igorot last names continue to thrive. This serves as a testament to the culture's resilience and enduring legacy.

Data Collection Methodology

The data comprising the list of the Top 69 Igorot Last Names in the Cordillera Administrative Region, as well as the broader list of the Top 300+ Last Names in the Cordillera Administrative Region, was sourced from a reputable genealogy portal called Forebears. Forebears is a comprehensive platform dedicated to family history research, offering a geographically indexed and cross-referenced directory of sources for genealogical inquiries, including a dictionary of surname meanings and their geographic distribution.

Forebears' primary mission is to consolidate and provide accessibility to a wide range of genealogical sources, both online and offline. This platform serves as an invaluable resource for researchers seeking records related to their ancestors in specific towns, regions, or countries.

Our research process involved meticulous examination of the data available on Forebears, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information presented in this article. However, it's important to acknowledge certain limitations of this data source:

Limitations of Forebears

  1. Data Availability: Forebears relies on publicly available data and may not encompass all available genealogical records. Some family histories may not be fully represented in their database.

  2. Data Accuracy: While efforts are made to ensure data accuracy, genealogical information can be complex and subject to errors or discrepancies in historical records.

  3. Geographic Focus: Forebears primarily focuses on global genealogy, and specific regional or cultural nuances may not always be fully captured.

Despite these limitations, Forebears remains a valuable tool for genealogical research, providing a foundation for exploring family histories and cultural heritage.


In this journey through the Top 69 Igorot Last Names, we've uncovered a treasure trove of cultural significance and heritage. These surnames are more than words; they are living connections to the past, the land, and the people who have shaped the Igorot community.

The preservation of Igorot last names reflects the resilience and commitment of the community to its traditions. These names, rooted in nature, ancestral tribes, professions, spirituality, and geographical locations, serve as a testament to the diversity and depth of Igorot culture.

We invite you to delve deeper into Igorot heritage, explore the meanings and stories behind these last names, and celebrate the enduring legacy they represent. As you reflect on the Top 69 Igorot Last Names, remember that they are not just letters on a page; they are threads that bind generations and keep the Igorot identity alive.

Let this exploration be a starting point for further engagement with the vibrant culture of the Cordillera Administrative Region, where each name tells a story and preserves a piece of history.

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