Nakatakdang ihatid sa kaniyang huling hantungan si Maj. Marvin Indammog, na isa sa 4 na sundalong napatay sa Sulu noong nakaraang linggo.

From the inbox of Philippines Defense Forces Forum:

From the inbox:

I'm a relative of the late Major Marvin Indammog would like to state through your Facebook page how deeply saddened and insulted I am and the other relatives and friends on hearing insinuations from certain top PNP officials that our dearly beloved Marvin and his colleagues were involved in illegal drugs, resulting in their untimely deaths in the hands of Jolo policemen. We can vouch for Marvin's absolute integrity, bravery, and loyalty to his duty as a soldier and he NEVER was involved in illegal drug activities.

I urge the top PNP officials to stop making excuses for their erring personnel to mislead the public and allow the NBI to fully and freely investigate the incident so the truth will come out and genuine justice is served.

#Indammog #Kalinga #Igorot